Ruxandra GiuraI used to be a reporter, but after dedicating more than six years of my life to journalism and experimenting with all media, I decided to amicably part with it and go my separate way. It is not the death of newspapers or facebook that made me do it, I just stumbled upon the world of news design, production, publishing and online information consumption.

In the mean time, I got my 5 minutes of fame in Times Square (see photo on the right), some other 5 minutes of fame in a Romanian magazine for women, and 2.5 minutes as a successful member of the diaspora interviewed by a Romanian news site. I figured I have 2.5 more minutes of fame left and I am eagerly waiting for the occasion.

Besides writing, designing and building Web sites, and thinking about the next tech solution, I am also enjoying my life as expat in the United States. I like being a citizen of the world and I can call both Bucharest and DC home.

When I am offline, I like spending time with friends, reading, walking, traveling, cooking, taking lots of photos, listening to music, and collecting wine.